IEEE 40th International Conference on

APRIL 22-24, 2020
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine
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In the spring Kyiv looks like a garden-city. Then the chestnut trees kindle their rosy-white candles among the green leaves, the streets and parks are filled with the delicate aroma of the flowers, the hilly slopes along the Dnieper are fragrant with lilacs. The green lawns of the large and small city squares are bright with red tulips.

Kyiv is known as the cradle of Slavonic civilization. It was the capital of the first Old Rus state or Kyivan Rus, “mother of Russian cities”. The historical fate of Kyiv is related to great political and cultural events in Europe and this is displayed in many ancient monuments of architecture.

2148 registered objects of history and culture are located in Kyiv. 39 objects have the international value such as St.Sofia Cathedral built in the ХІ–ХІІ centuries and complex of the Kyiv-Pecherskyi National preserve, included in the UNESCO list of the world historical heritage. Nowaday Kyiv is a capital of Ukraine, one of the most beautiful world cities.

We recommend visiting such sights as the Mariyinskyi Palace, the Park of Victory, the Kyiv-Pecherskyi Monastery sites, the St.Sofia and Andriyivska churches, the Golden Gates. Museum of the Second World War is one of the most known museums in Kyiv. The Bogdan Khmelnitskyi and the Volodymir the Greate monuments are worth seeing too.

You can find more information about the city and its attractions in these websites:

National Technical University of Ukraine „Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” was founded in 1898. It is one of the oldest and best technical universities of Ukraine famous for its academic excellence and innovative research. Every year Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute becomes home for fifty thousand students from all over the world.

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute successfully co-operates with the 91 technical universities of 34 countries, many international organizations (ES, CU, UNDP, UNESSO, UNIDO, WIPO, NATO, EDNES, ICSU, CODATA) and wellknown firms (MOTOROLA, SIEMENS, FESTO, SAMSUNG, INTEL, etc.). The university takes part in international educational and scientific projects and programs.

The university is one of the initiators of the reformation of higher education system by joining to the Bolonskiy process. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was one of the first universities of Ukraine joined the concord of the universities, which signed “Large Charter of Universities” of Europe (“Magna Charta Universitatum”).

The great spirit and the glory of the University have been created by the famous scientists such as Dmitri Mendeleev, Sergei Korolev, Igor Sikorsky, Stephen Timoshenko, Victor Kirpichev, Eugene Paton and many others.


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