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APRIL 22-24, 2020
Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine
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Vitaliy Petrovich Sigorskiy
22.11.1922 – 13.08.2007

We are going to participate in the conference again like every year before. We are waiting for its beginning. Every time, during 27 years the conference has been being opened by him, always elegant and unique Vitaliy Petrovich. We hoped he would be with us forever. But he abandoned us…

Vitaliy Petrovich Sigorskiy was born in Cherkasy region, Bubnova Slobodka village of the Zolotonoshskyi district. How to walk and how to read he learned almost simultaneously. His mother Maria Trofimivna Lisenko was a teacher of the rural primary school and the school became a kindergarden for Vitaliy Petrovich. This episode was told by his mother: «When Vitaliy was six years old there were guests in our house. Somebody asked: «Vitalik, who are you going to be, when you become an adult?» The answer was short: «I will be a professor». Everyone’s laughter seemed to be the appropriate reaction for his answer». It is difficult to say now whether the dream of being a professor became the aim of his life. But the way to it turned out to be heavy.

In 1939 Vitaliy Petrovich became a student of the build faculty (Kharkov Ingineering and Building Institute). His studying was not long. In 1940 from the second course he was sent to work as a teacher of physics and mathematics to the Kharkov region. There was a shortage of teachers caused by the military operations against Finland. The short career of 18-years-old teacher was interrupted in a 1941 with the beginning of the Second World War. Vitaliy Petrovich tried to get to the acting army voluntarily but was refused because of the bad sight and at first was sent to work as a director of the secondary school to Yalutorovsk (Western Siberia, Tobol) and then to the military flying school to teach physics and mathematics. So the teacher was the age of his students.

After the war Vitaliy Petrovich continued his education in Lviv Polytechnic Institute at the electrical engineering faculty. The students’ life was not merry and carefree. In order to be able to study and to feed his family Vitaliy Petrovich had to work at nights. His extraordinary capacity and purposefulness helped him to obtain a diploma of engineer with a distinction in 1949, and to prove his ability to continue studing in the post-graduate school. In 1952 he defended a candidate thesis and got a degree of the candidate of science. Computer-aided design (CAD) was a new scientific direction at those times. Vitaliy Petrovich worked as a deputy director for reseach at the Institute of Engineering and Automation. The brilliant defence of a doctoral thesis in 1959 was a logical result of his hard work. 37 years-old Vitaliy Petrovich became the youngest doctor of science in the engineering domain. Since 1959 he was working in the USSR Academy of Science Siberian branch. Having been a chairman of the Academy local labor union committee, Vitaliy Petrovich combined a trade-union activity with the advanced research in the Institute of Automation and academical work in the Novosibirsk University.

Since 1964 his life was related to Kiev Polytechnic Institute which recently got the status of the National Technical University of Ukraine. From 1964 till 1971 he headed the chair of industrial electronics. In 1974 Vitaliy Petrovich founded the theoretical electronics chair. Conception of the multi-stage education of engineers (general, basical, special) was developed by him at the beginning of 70-th of the last century and made possible for students to get basical knowledge in electronics within 3,5 years of studing. Vitaliy Petrovich contributed to teaching methodology and organization of educational process. Under his guidance many programs of general engineering disciplines were created, the new educational laboratories were equipped.

Working in KPI Vitaliy Petrovich created the electronic circuit theory and CAD scientific school. The matrix theory of the multipole electronic circuits was developed by him as well as computer-aided algorithms of electronic circuit analysis and synthesis, which became the basis of the modern computer-aided design. His ideas in computing engineering, new technical tools of selection and transformation of information are well-known and protected by a numerous copyright certificates and patents.

Vitaliy Petrovich published 375 scientific papers, 24 monographs and educational manuals. Some of them were published abroad. 30 candidates and 10 doctors of engineering science were supervised by him. Vitaliy Petrovich was the founder of the international conference and its regular chairman for almost 30 years.

A talent and a rare capacity of Vitaliy Petrovich were unique. He was the wonderful scientist and the teacher of the young generation – future engineers, bachelors, masters. The doors of his house were always opened for students, colleagues and friends. Vitaliy Petrovich was not academically framed. He was the soul of the company, was fine in voice, played on guitar, mandolin, balalaika, danced perfectly.

We will always remember Vitaliy Petrovich…

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